Friday, December 30, 2011

Fresh pasta with Bolognese Sauce

The day after Christmas I ground up about 7 lbs of Pork Butt and made some Chorizo Style sausage. About 5# went into Casings and got Linked and Frozen. The other 2# got Sauteed up and Used for Dinner on the 28th WARNING: My Recipes are loose. Cooking can be an experiment. Add What you like, till you reach a taste profile you like This recipe and the many to follow are only a Guide of sorts, Keep that in mind!
Bolognese Sauce(about 4Qts):
2# chorizo(or any sausage, homemade or store bought
4 28oz Cans of tomatoes (I used 2xDiced 2xPureed)
1 16 oz can Fire roasted Tomatoes
2 onions
2 Tbsp Minced Garlic
.75 bunch Basil, Chopped
2 Tbsp Bacon fat

First I Cooked the Chorizo then removed it , Added the bacon fat and sauteed the garlic and onions til Translucent.
Toss all Them Tomatoes in there! and Add back the Chorizo.
Coook for a bit to let all the flavors Mingle.
I kept about a quart for dinner , Then Cooled and Froze the rest for Later Dinners

Fresh pasta:

1# Ap Flour
4-6 Eggs Depending on size( I used Eggs from our chickens , they are small so I used 5 and an extra yolk

The pasta is easy , Bring it all together and knead it for a bit. then I let it rest wrapped in plastic for 30 mins
Thankfully I have a manual Pasta roller So I was able to roll the dough a bit and feed it through the machine in 1/4 batches down to a #3 on the machine then ran it through the linguini cutter attachment. then floured them a bit and spread them on a sheet tray while I finished the other batches .

I got a 6 quart pot of water boiling and salted then Tested a noodle.

They took about 3-5 mins to cook I took them out Quickly drained them, and tossed the noodles in a bowl with the warmed sauce
Topped with Chiffonade Basil and Grated Parm

Meal One Complete!

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