Monday, February 6, 2012

Meat fab part something..... KATSUDON!

 This is one of my favorite things to eat since i was a kid, I mean who doesn't love fried pork!?
katsudon is something my mom learned how to make In Japan when we were living there, which may be part of the reason why I really like it.

We have a recipe in some cookbook which is kinda the one i followed except for in the final preparation on the  ingredients. this is a pretty simple recipe it takes a little bit of prep but it is soooo worth it

I started by  breading the  pork cutlets
It's simple 3 stage breading,  Seasoned flour / beaten egg/ then Panko Bread crumbs
 most people  follow "wet hand, Dry hand" keeping one hand  to take the cutlet from the egg and place it in the  panko , the other hand placing pork in the flour moving it to the egg and removing it from the panko and placing it on the rack

The Theory behind  breading these first, is that the Crust will settle and  after being fried it will stay attached to the pork better

Nexted I prepped the onions for the Sweet onion Soy sauce. I thinly sliced 2 onions

I make a lot more of the sauce than you would normally need because the sauce is good on just plain rice  too and I am all about  getting more than one use out of one  product/prep
 Sauce ingredients:2 cups Broth -3/4 cup  soy sauce and 3/4 sugar - 1/2 Mirin .
Bring the ingredients to a simmer then add the onions
 The onions will  turn transparent  after cooking  while the  other items are cooked
You can cook the Cutlets one of two ways,  you can use about an inch of oil and "deep" fry them
or use a little over a quarter inch of oil, Fry one side then flip  and repeat.
The oil should be like 350, I normally just drop in a panko breadcrumb and when it bubbles it's hot enough to fry.

 Drain on a cooking rack over a layer of paper towels on a sheet tray

because I have a lot of cutlets to cook, I  stored the cutlets in a 175 oven to keep the  crust crisp while I fry the remainder

Crunchy Toasty Pork
 Completed Onion Sauce

While the last batch of pork is frying, Scramble  some eggs(6ish for 4 servings)

Construction!: Bowl of rice( you've seen how to make this)

place scrambled eggs, Fresh peas , A ladle of sauce(extra onions for me)  then Sliced  Cutlet

The book we adapted this recipe from  says to cut the pork and  heat it in the sauce in a skillet coating each piece then adding the peas for a bit before pouring that on top of the rice, But that could lead to the Pork getting soggy  and nobody likes that!

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