Saturday, February 25, 2012

Stuffed Chicken Breast and Cous Cous

Let me start off by Saying Sorry about the absence, I've been sick with Strep  so I haven't done much of anything

on with the food! 

My mom went to the Grocery and  picked up a bunch of different proteins with no real  plan .  One of the  Meats was Chicken breast. I went to the grocery and  picked up some spinach so I could Unroll the  chicken and roll it back up with some spinach and Swiss cheese.

I also decided to make Cous cous  with sun dried tomatoes and some Minced Kalamata olives.

  I  rolled out 4 chicken breasts, like fileting a fish it's a bit difficult Unrolling the breast that is opposite your dominant hand.  the  breast  are all  big at the top which is why I  unrolled them instead of just splitting the breast down the center or " Butterflying" them

 The filling for 4 breasts:
2# Spinach
2 tablespoons olive oil or bacon fat(1 for each 1# batch of Spinach)
6 cloves Roasted Garlic
1 cup Shredded Swiss

 heat 1 Tbsp of  oil and garlic in large Saute pan, add  1# spinach and a pinch of salt.  after the greens have wilted remove them , cook second batch the same way, Cool both batches  chop the spinach , making sure the garlic is also chopped. Mix in the cheese

after you've unrolled all the breasts take your spinach mixture and split into 4 portions.

season the meat and spread mixture onto about 7/8ths of the meat leaving a bit of exposed meat on the side you are going to end your roll on

 Roll  the Meat back up, Trying to keep even pressure so the  newly rolled/ stuffed piece is an even size all the way down

Repeat with the other Pieces and Truss with Butchers Twine.Make sure to evenly space the trusses,  you can also uses the twine to help adjust the shape of the  breasts

I layed the remaining spinach out on the bottom of an 8x8 pan. Covered the pan and put in a 375 degree oven, after about 30 mins I uncovered and finished cooking untill the internal temp reached  165 degrees

 I drained the Juice from the pan into a small saucepot  over med heat, I stirred in a stick of butter  untill it was melted and Emulsified making a sort of Beurre Blanc  to spoon over the  sliced meat

 The cous cous
2Tbsp chopped sun dried tomatos
3Tbsp Chopped Kalamata Olives
2 Cups  homemade chicken stock
1 box Original  cous cous
 bring stock , olives, tomatoes to just off a boil. Add cous cous   remove from heat and cover for 5 mins. Fluff with fork. Serve


This is a nice little meal to test / practice your knife and  trussing skills

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