Saturday, January 28, 2012

I am going to Start making stock More often!

It is super easy , Relatively cheap , and adds sooo much more body than Store bought!

Making stock helps you practice lots of skills, You can buy a whole Chicken  and part it out  for dinner then  break down the carcass Roast it  put it in some water and simmer it to get a nice chicken stock or ad vegetables for the last hour and get a fuller stock.

 it's a little harder to make beef stock as their bones are bigger , But one of my Fave stocks is Pork stock. I really like the flavor of pork  and it's easy and cheap to get Neck bones from the grocery Roast them and make a stock. It's even better if you can throw in some scraps from Fabricating a pork loin like I did. You end up with a gelatinous broth that you can reduce down  with some thyme or rosemary and make a nice pork Glace to coat a roasted or grilled pork loin . or you can use it as the base of a soup .

It takes a little bit of work to make your own stock at home but Once you do it you'll see and Taste why it's a good Idea , plus you can customize your stock with whatever flavors you want  while it's cooking!

First I took  the scraps from meat fab and browned them in a bit of bacon fat

 Next I put a sheet try with a bit of oil on it in a 400 degree oven as it's preheating

 Take the pan out and place the neck bones on the  tray

 Flip as needed

 When The bones are nice and Roasted remove from oven and place in pot with the browned scrap meat

 Dump off the grease, then put a bit of water in the pan and heat on your stove to Deglaze the pan to get all the tasty bits off the pan and add that to the pot
 Top the bones with cold water
 Bring to a simmer  for about 6 hours

 Skim as needed with a ladle
 Quickly cool in an ice bath , or reduce the stock down to concentrate the  porky flavor

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