Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bacon Blue Burgers!

It's been a while since I posted so I am gonna start doing write ups of all the things I documented for the blog.

this is  just something quick i made when I wanted burgers it's easy stuff.  plus I got  to cook bacon which I like to do!

 Slice a pound of bacon  and cook it in a pan (it helps to add a little water to start it'll help heat evenly while the fat is melting and it will all evaporate before the bacon is crisp.)

 when the bubbles get small the bacon is getting crisper.  depending on how crispy you want it you may want to drain it now. or wait  a little bit longer for really crisp bacon, pay close attention so it doesn't burn
 Drain the bacon, Yum Bacon!
 drain the fat into a Mason jar and let it cool down a bit before lidding it up and putting it in your fridge,  bacon fat is ALWAYS usefull
 Burgers are easy! 2# beef

 1/2 the cooked bacon and about 3-6 oz of blue cheese depending on your taste for blue cheese

 Make into patties.

 cook on preheated grill. it helps to make sure the bottom of the grill is clean so it doesn't light on fire and  flame broil the hell out of a couple of your  burgers

once they're done  just eat  the meat patties or  put   them on a bun with more cheese and bacon !

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