Sunday, January 1, 2012

Bringing in the new year Means:

LEFTOVERS! Last night I used a little left over pulled pork and some of that sauce I made Earlier for Every bodies Favorite meal and it was super easy! PIZZA! my family gets little personal pizza crusts from Cash & Carry for cheap so it's simple to have a build your own pizza day. Just prepare some Vegetables, make some sauce or get store bought
I used one of the crusts and put a little spicy Mustard on it (BBQ sauce works too) then I piled on some pulled pork topped it with a bit of cheese and on to a sheet tray it went
The other Pizza I made was a Hawaiian, I used the Bolognese sauce as a base, some pineapple,and some diced canadian bacon, it went on the sheet tray right next to the other pizza. 15 mins in the oven and I had a tasty meal of leftovers with barely any work

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