Monday, January 16, 2012

Meat Fab and Utilization part one

I love pork!

so when I get the chance I cook with it, But I also Like  Money so When I find a way to increase my pork intake and Decrease my money output I am stoked!

The best way to do this for me is to go to my local Cash N carry (restaurant supply store/grocery) and Buy a Pork loin and cut it down to size and freeze portions of it for later use

it is a flat 2$ a pound for a porn loin at C'n'C  so I picked up the 7.3 # loin for about 15 bucks

and split it into 3 meals worth of meat for about 6 people each And utilized the Scrap to fortify a stock

so this is a post about how I went about doing that ( sorry for the lact of some process pictures I only have 2 hands and didn't want a porky camera

2/3rd's of the Pork loin
 1 cleaned 1/3rd  to slice into cutlets and  1/3rd  with the chain of meat on the side removed  to be stuffed and rolled
 Cleaned and ready to slice
 Final 1/3rd Cut into chunks fro curry
 Clockwise from left Curry chunks , Chain meat and scrap (you'll see what that's for in the next post) Cleaned , and  roast

 Sliced thin for another Recipe
 Mmmmm Pork

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