Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hoppin John

Hoppin john Is Supposed to be a lucky meal to have on New Years it's a pretty simple meal to make and Pretty filling aswell
Ingredients: 1# Dry Black eyed peas
1 ham hock/ bacon
1 onion
1 bell pepper
2 cups rice
2-2.5C Stock or Water
Green onions

Spinach ingredients:
1# baby spinach.
1 shallot, minced
1Tbsp mincedGarlic
olive oil or bacon fat
a few dashes of Red wine Vinegar( I used Garlic wine cause it's what we had)
Ok soooo here it goes
Soak the peas overnight in the fridge
after you strain the peas start a pot of water(or stock) and gently simmer the ham hocks untill the meat can easily be separated
take the hock out of the liquid (we'll get to that later) add the Peas and continue to simmer
pull all the meat from the ham hock, Shredding it a bit then return it to the pot with the peas.
Saute the onions in a bit of Bacon fat, I keep a jar of bacon fat in my fridge I suggest you do too!
When the onions are cooked a bit add the Bell pepper(reserve this mixture)
cook the rice in water/or stock ( I use my rice cooker just to save stove space)
when the rice is done add it with the peas, Add the onion/bell pepper mixture now too, and any other spices, season with salt and pepper.
I also cooked some Spinach this is easy Heat Bacon fat (or oil) saute shallots/garlic
add half the spinach and let it wilt down, Put it in another bowl while you start wilting the other half then combine Season with salt pepper and some of the vinegar
And you're done
You can mix the Spinach with the hoppin john or eat it as a side.

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